Beauty tips for glowing face

Many of us do not really think it is important to follow a routine skin care because of time constrain and we also having the attitude to look at issues only when they crop up. We simply ignore things and not take care of them. It’s important that you give importance to your skin even when it is looking great so that it stays that way and if you have issues with the skin follow the tips below. The tips are simple to use and easily adjusted in your daily routine of hygiene and care. Besides, you have to take care of yourself from the modern issues like stress, smoking, alcohol, bad bed timings, healthy eating and more.

Let’s check the daily beauty tips for face:

  1. Cleanse, tone, moisturize

It’s easy to cleanse your skin everyday using rose water that you can apply with cotton wool and clean it. It just takes a few minutes. Now follow it with toning by using either the toning lotion that you get or with the tulsi water. Next is moisturizer that you have to apply regularly according to your skin type. Remember it should not be oily for oily skin.

  1. Skin exfoliation

Use simple homemade packs to apply on skin regularly. Mix juice of lime, sea salt and almond oil and apply on the skin with circular motion. The scrub will help remove cells and give radiance. The next option is to apply ground oats and tomato scrub. Mix tomato and ground oats and apply to the face in circular motion this helps the skin to exfoliate in the right way.

  1. Skin tan

To treat the sunburns you can take besan one spoon and curd on the face. Let it dry for some time and rinse with cold water. Keep the skin off tan with lemon and raw milk. Mix both and apply it on the face for some time and then rinse off.

Treat oil skin, dry skin and combination skin differently as every skin’s needs are different. Follow these beauty tips for face and notice how your skin looks happy and glowing.

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