Why You May Need Those Exercise Bikes?

Obesity is a very common and at the same time very serious problem. It has been estimated that about one-third of the world’s total human population is either overweight or obese. Many people face some sort of stigma because they are fat and they would do anything to lose weight. Studies do prove that aerobic exercises can help you lose weight and are great in combination with diet. In fact, studies are beginning to show that exercises may be more important than diet in losing weight. Sit-ups only increase the tension in the abs, they do not necessarily reduce stomach fats. Aerobic exercises are best if you want a flatter tummy. You can then use sit ups and so on to give it that ripped look. One way to do aerobic exercise is cycling. Cycling is great and fun but many people do not want to do that because they do want to go through the stress of learning to use the bicycle or because they are afraid of accidents while cycling or injuries. However, there is an alternative way of losing those calories from cycling without the risk that comes with outdoor cycling – use a stationary bike. We are going to talk about some exercise bikes to help you lose weight.

What are the benefits of a stationary bike?

Stationary bikes are great because they give the benefits of a normal bicycle but greatly reduce the risks and headaches such as possible accidents and the headache of having to learn how to ride a bicycle. Stationary bikes are safe and do not need you to learn how to balance. Besides, they are great for home gyms and you can have one in your home to use as cardio if you are so busy to go to the gym or do not know how to use a bicycle.

Some sample workout regimens you may like to try:

  1. You can try an exercise regimen that requires you to gradually work yourself up from the easy to the extra hard on the stationary bike. You are going to increase the difficulty of your cycling from easy which is like you riding downhill, to moderate and then hard which is the hardest resistance you can handle while still being able to cycle every 20 minutes. This means you switch difficulty level every 20 minutes. When you are tired, simply go back to easy.
  2. A more difficult version but also the more rewarding method is the 10-20-30 method. After your warm-ups (remember to always do a low-intensity exercise as warm up) you would do a 10-second exercise in the easy level, followed immediately by a 20-second moderate level and a 30-second difficult exercise level. You repeat this exercise five times consecutively to make five minutes set and then you rest for 2 minutes before you repeat another five-minute set. You could also reverse this if you want.

Factors to consider when buying exercise bikes to help you lose weight:

You may want to consider factors like the flexibility of the bike to accommodate your schedule. A bike that still allows you to work or multitask may be good for people with a lot of work or deadlines. However, a challenge is that it creates some distractions. Also, you must consider what drives the belt. While chain drives are the closest thing you will get to a real bike, they are less durable and wear more easily. Belt drives are more durable and quieter, but also more expensive. Also, you may want to check the seat adjustability to see if it is suitable for you and lastly, you may want to know the type of resistance. If the stationary bike uses friction pads for resistance, it would be able to give you more-challenging exercises, but friction pads wear out easily. On the other hand, magnetic pads though are less-challenging, are more silent and do not wear easily as there is no friction to wear them out.

Some exercise bikes to help you lose weight?

  1. Exerpeutic stationary bike: made by Paradigm Health and wellness is quite a decent stationary bike. It can support up to 300Ibs of weight has about 8 resistance levels and is a very good option if you need some space as it can fold so does not take up much space in your home. The top perks are its light weight and good use of space.
  2. Pro Indoor Cycling Bike: made by Sunny health and fitness, is the best for athletes. If you are serious not just about losing weight, but about getting fit, you can get this bike. It is chain driven so if you don’t want that you can get their SF-B1002 belt drive indoor cycling bike.
  3. Under Desk Exercise Bike and Pedal Exerciser: made by desk cycle, this bike is very compact and you can carry it around. It is not only useful for shedding weight but can be used for children with attention deficit disorder to get them to focus more in class and as an exercise tool for the elderly. You just have to sit on a desk, put the bike right under your feet and you are ready to go.
  4. ExerWork 1000 Fully Adjustable Desk Folding Exercise Bike: made by Exerpeutic, it is very good for multitaskers. It has a platform where you can put a laptop and do business while exercising and the sit is very adjustable for maximum comfort. We think it may also be good for people with back pain who must not put any strain on the back as it has a seat rest which you could use.

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