Top 5 Trendy Hairstyles For Holidays That Will Make Your Holidays Awesome

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the holidays are finally here. That’s right, it’s officially appropriate to shoot Christmas carols. To give you even more holiday feeling, we share five festive hairstyles that are the trend of the holiday season. Better yet, we have given you a few simple steps to follow so you can recreate them at home. Whether you are looking for short, medium or long hairstyles, we have the inspiration you need for a Christmas holiday season. Read on to see a 90s-inspired bun, a long and glamorous hairstyle, an elegant ponytail and more! 

HOLIDAY HAIRSTYLE #1: Holiday Soft Waves

holiday soft waves

If you’ve been watching the catwalk in recent seasons, you may have noticed that curly hair that was very popular in the 90s, returns and dares to say it’s better than ever. Now, when you think about curly hair, you can shudder at the idea of ​​ultra-sharp and sharp zigzag cuffs. Do not! Nowadays, curly hair is mostly a bit softer for a modern update. One of your favorite children’s hairstyles without lacquer? Yes please!


After washing your hair with your favorite shampoo and nourishing conditioner, dry your hair with a microfiber towel or t-shirt, unravel and evenly distribute a thermal protection cream from the roots to the ends.


Instead of using a traditional crimp, this aspect only requires basic braiding skills. Divide your hair into chunky pieces, braid each side and secure the braids with ties.


Once your hair is dry, place a flat iron on the braids to protect the wrinkles that form in your hair.


When your braids are no longer hot, remove the links and loosen to reveal beautiful modern ripples.


To complete your holiday hairstyle, apply a small amount of hair gel to get a semi-wet look. This smooth back element contrasts well with the voluminous ripples.

TIP: If your hair is not bulky, cut it and layer it directly. Once tight, smooth the top layer and use the tail of a rat tail comb to gently lift the roots. Spray some hair spray on the roots and you are ready for a night out.


French Braids


After the shower, spray some holding spray on towel-dried hair before allowing them to air dry. You can also use a lightweight gel or edge control product.


On the narrow side of your head, braid one or two French braids from the hairline to the nape of the head. When you reach the end point use hairpins or transparent elastics to secure the braid. If you want a particularly voluminous look, add some hair extensions, as you can tighten and loosen the hair to your liking. And that’s it! The perfect night look for any holiday party or event.

HOLIDAY HAIRSTYLE #3: Holiday Messy Bun

Holiday Messy Bun

Let’s face it, the holidays can be super busy, which means you may find that you don’t have a lot of extra time to be ready. Apart from that, you should not go without impressive strands. If you do not have much time, but do not want to ruin your party style, you will love what we consider to be an ultra simple holiday style that exhibits class and grace.  .


In a rush? Do not worry! A touch of dry shampoo can help refresh the look of your hair and is perfect for refining your style after a busy day of holiday shopping.


Once you have used your dry shampoo, section some hair on each side of your face and clip it away for the time being. Use a boar bristle brush to smooth the rest of your hair just above your crown into a pony tail.


Once you have pulled your strands from the main hair section into a messy pony tail. From there, twist all of the strands of hair inwards to form your bun. Before completely wrapping the ends around your bun, slightly separate the twists to get a larger and textured look. Next, join the front two pieces by gently pull into your bun.

This is one of those hair styles that looks so elegant and simple all at the same time.

HOLIDAY HAIRSTYLE #4: Hollywood Glam

Hollywood Glam

What better way to show the holiday spirit than to rock a beautiful vintage Hollywood glam hair style. All heads will turn when you arrive at the party with these voluminous sultry waves. 


On freshly shampooed hair spray with a generous amount of styling spray on the roots of the hair.  From there, dry your hair with a hand held hair dryer and a round brush for a soft and voluminous foundation.


Once your hair is dry, create a deep part on your favorite side and curl your hair with your 2-inch curling iron. The wide barrel gives your hair a beautiful Hollywood look. When you have finished curling each section of your hair, gently place the curls on larger hair rollers. You can also use the pin curl methong instead if you do not have the roller on hand.


To complete your holiday hairstyle, remove the rollers and tease the roots of the hair gently. Add holding spray and there you have it.

HOLIDAY HAIRSTYLE #5: Chic Sleek Ponytail

Chic Sleek Ponytail

This is one of the most simple and easy hairstyles you can wear for the holiday season. While it maybe simple it is smart and sophisticated. It’s perfect for any holiday occasion. To make this slender ponytail really stand out, combine with your favorite hair extensions and add some beautiful soft curls that emerge from the ponytail. Such an elegant look for any Christmas party you attend.


This look can be achieved with freshly clean hair or hair that was shampooed over a few days ago. However, the hair should be dry. Using a fine tooth comb create part, can be on either side of the head or in the center of the head.


Then use a boar bristle brush and some hair gel to push back both sides, pull your hair into a low ponytail that is in neat the nape of the neck. Secure it with an elastic hair tie and spray some hair spray around to hole the ponytail’s appearance in place.


Finally, gently draw small parts of your ponytail and curl with a small curling wand or hot curlers. Lastly, apply some holding spray to the curls so they stay in place and stay put all night long.

Have you thought with your next holiday hair style? How you’ll be doing your makeup to compliment your festive hair styles for this season? Please make comments below to keep us in the know. Happy Holidays.

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