Make eyes glow with Eyes Makeup tips

Makeup is an essential trick which makes you glow to hog the limelight. If certain areas like eyes are highlighted then you can create an impact on any occasion. Eye shadow is necessary mainly for people having small eyes. Using light shades on areas will help to stand out to add volume and depth, making the eyes looks natural yet attractive.

Inner eye corner is essential to highlight with the eyelid center for people who has brow bone along it. It places highlights in three areas which will accentuate the eye completely, leaving them bright and big. There are different shapes of eyeshadow which combines use of textures, colors and several finishes to help in matching up the daily routine.

Here are tips for regular Eyes makeup :

  • Inner Eye Corner:

Add the dark shadow to the inner corner of the lid. It has a great placement for those with wide eyes. It reduces the space between the eyes.

  • Outer Corner:

Add the dark shades to outer eye corner, but mainly who have close eyes set. Having the darkest part over the far side of lid will help the eyes appear at farther and flattered unlike making them appear smaller.

  • Both Corners:

It is great for all as this compliments many eye shapes by adding the dark shadow over outer and inner corners, while it still highlights the other areas. The placement makes the eyes look large or small, depending on the eye makeup. It is versatile in shape as this works well for bold, neutral or dramatic colors.

  • Cat Shape:

This eyeshadow application appears the eyes pulled in upward direction. Applying this darkest shadow to outer corner will appear in winged shape (large).

If the eyelids droop then this shape may help in pulling it back to give them the extra boost required. Such shape is infamous to be on devious side that has mysterious look and upward angle.

  • Outer crease and corner, blended upwards

The dark shadow when applied to the crease and corner of eyes will blend towards the brow as it makes the eyes look fuller.

It is amazing shape to view which makes you flatter on different eye types. This works well for people having hooded eyes. Be sure to make shadows wide visible and little upward such that color shows when you open eyes.

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