Top 10 Makeup Tips for Women

How many times have you been let down by yourself for getting ready for a party? How many times you promised yourself a dazzling look, yet you ended up looking like a witch? How many times your partner has teased you for looking a bit older than your age due to heavy make-up? The flaws could be endless but there are top 10 best makeup tips for women that you need to know. 

Top 10 Makeup Tips for Women 

Eye Makeup

Eyes are the way to women heart. Before putting an eye makeup you make sure about the size and color of your eyes. If you are born with large black eyes, then apply the eyeliner in the inner rim and for smaller eyes, outer rim look will do. It is important to know the color and size before applying the products unnecessarily to look better. 

Long Lasting Makeup Tip 

Are you heading towards a night long party? Perfect is the least word that you would like to hear on such an occasion. It is advisable to stain your cheeks and lips to let them shine even if the make-up you wear dries away. 


Have you ever noticed while initiating a conversation, people either look straight into your eyes or on your lips? You have to give a lovely look to your lips. All you need to do is to apply a moisturizer before wearing the lipstick. It will let your lips shine throughout the day and also helps in eradicating the problem of dry/cracked lips.   

Do not become a fruitcake 

Yes, you read it right. A lot of women find themselves engrossed with the thought process of applying all the products they have in the vanity case. However, it is highly recommendable to use those products only which give you an edge over the others in the party. Do not decorate yourself like a fruitcake; rather apply the products which leave long-lasting impact on the aimed parts.   

If you sweat, you regret 

Always try to prevent yourself from the cause of sweating. Even if you do, make sure you’re carrying with yourself dry wipes and tissues to get rid of sweating. No precautions taken will hamper your makeup and turn your look so dull and dim-witted. 

Long Lasting Lipstick Tip 

Apply your lipstick with a nice brush and add the powder to let it settle with an audacious look. This will enhance the chance of long-lasting effect especially when you plan a night out party with your friends or family.   

Do not overdo your makeup 

Such a zany step ruins your beauty and makes you look like a showpiece. Always go for light makeup and let it remain simple and classy. People will notice it and start following your criteria in the next parties they will be heading to. 

Either do eye makeup or Lip makeup 

Most of the women don’t have any idea what looks best with what sort of make-up. If you’re emphasizing more on eye make-up then go for light lip makeup and vice-versa else you will spoil your day by looking like a doll. 

Get yourself a guide 

It is not necessary that you will act like a jack of all trades throughout your life. Instead of ending up with a zany look and wrong make-up, get yourself a make-up guide or an artist who will guide you about what could be the do’s and don’ts of wearing make-up. 

Do not buy anything in haste 

If you have been looking for the best skin care products, always read reviews and apply them before buying them. You should also be aware of the application methods associated with these products to give yourself the best look. 

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