Glow Skin With Herbal Remedies

Kaala Jeera( Purple Fleban)
Kaal jeera is very effective in treating acne , pimples and boils. You Just have to mix Kaal jeera powder, Basil powder and neem powder . Apply it on the affected area . You can even preserve this mixture up to one week.
Haldi ( turmerice)
Turmeric is widely used in many creams and is known an excellent antiseptic as well. Apply a mixture of Raw Milk, Cucumber Juice, Olive oil and a pinch of turmeric powder for fair and glowing complexion.
Bakuchi ( Psoralea Seed)
Bakuchi is also a very known herb in Curing baldness. Apply the Bakuchi infused oil on your scalp and massage well. Do this treatment for few weeks and Stop once the scalp turns red. Do this remedy under the medical supervision only.
Beheda( Vibhitak-Belliric  Myrobalan )
Beheda is a great hair vitaliser. Apply the Beheda infued oil on your scalp and massage well.
Manjishtha Root(  Indian Madder)
Manjistha is used for treating acne , pimples, boils and eczema . Apply the mixture of Manjishtha, Red Sandalwood powder and fullers earth on the affected area.
Kuth( Costus )
To get rid of your bald spots mix Kuth with coconut oil. Rub this mixture on the spot for 2 to 3 minutes. After that  apply Mahabhringaraj Oil and keep for half an hour. Wash afterwards with herbal shampoo
Karpoor ( Camphor Powder)
Karpoor is known as best skin vitalser. You can mix it with a mint and use it as a face pack. It also helps you to treat dandruff. Mix the karpoor in Coconut oil and apply on scalp.
Vidang(Embelia ribes)
It eliminates skin infections and even removes heat boils and acnes.  To treat heat boils, apply the mixture of vavdinga , Bavachi oil and turmeric on the affected area.
Daruharidra( Indian Barberry)
It is an excellent antiseptic for pimple. Apply a mixture of Indian Barberry, costus, psoralea, sandalwood and turmeric.
Apamarg( Prickly Chaff flower)
It is very effective in treating pimples. Mix Powdered Apamag with honey and apply.
Dhania ( Coriander )
Coriander is an excellent herb which used in treating digestive disorders, Relieves flatulence, generates urine and reduces fever. To cure digestive disorder ,Add two teaspoons of coriander juice to buttermilk and take it before meal.
Isabgol (Psyllium Husk)
It is very effective in Constipation, piles, dysentery and abdominal pain. Soak two teaspoons of isabgol in water and have it before going to bed to cure constipation.

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