Kala Jeera Health Benefits

Kala Jeera is an ancient spice of India. This is widely used for maternal care after childbirth. This is good for eyes and controlling vomiting. This is used as a kid’s medicine. This little spice has many medicinal benefits with no side effects. These are 2 basic herbs which are used for with the name of “black cumin”, also called as Nigella sativa and Carumbulbocastanum. The Jeera is also described as Carumbulbocastanum.


  • Kala Jeera has stimulant, antispasmodic, stomachic, carminative, hypolipidemic, antibacterial, astringent, and sedative properties
  • Jeera effectively increases body metabolism. It is useful to treat skin diseases like eczema, dry skin and psoriasis.
  • Daily use of jeera in food helps in improving memory, controlling diabetes by reducing blood sugar level.
  • It acts on female reproductive system which reduces inflammation of the uterus.
  • It is helpful in improving prenatal health in pregnant women. It is helpful for lactating mothers by providing high iron content and milk production.
  • The powder form assists in cancer treatment due to its powerful activities in radical scavenging, by slowing down development of colon and breast cancer cells.
  • Cumin tea is helpful in relieving digestive disorders by relaxing the intestines and reduces itching.
  • Helps to stop bleeding from the gums
  • Cures mouth ulcers
  • Reduces foul smell
  • Heals aching part of the body

Kala Jeera in Indian kitchen

One of the essential ingredients of the Indian kitchen, which adds flavor to the taste buds.’Cumin’ seed, also known as Jeera, has a great importance which cannot be ignored as it is a vital spice in Indian kitchen with numerous health benefits. Jeera can be used to make Jal

Jeera, AamPana, Curd Milk and many soft drinks, which satisfy your taste buds and make you feel refreshed in scorching heat. The further sprinkle of kala jeera on fruits truly enhances the flavor.

Curd with Jeera powder and salt helps to keep the mind fresh for suitable digestion and healthy functioning of blood.


Side Effects of Black Cumin

There are no particular side effects known for Kala Jeera due to certain dosage. As it is used for mother’s delivery and for similar kinds, so no records exist which say it is not safe for pregnancy. Though, limited quantity must be consumed.


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