Best Skin Care Creams for Winter

Dermatologists always recommend changing the face cream every six months to avoid a common problem: skin is getting used with the ingredients thus the product does no longer provide the results we desire for the skin care. In addition, when winter is coming, it is a best option to choose an intensive moisturizing cream, slightly oily, that can protect our skins from the naughty cold winter’s effects. This article will showcase some best skin care creams to protect our skin in the cold season that is almost here.

Best Skin Care Creams for Winter

Nivea Soft

If you are searching for a general purpose cream which can be used both evenings and mornings or as a makeup base, Nivea Soft cream is perfectly suitable for your needs. It’s enriched with vitamin E therefore skin structure is well protected. In addition, this cream comes in various sizes therefore your can choose a small package to carry in your purse or a large package to use it at home.


Garnier Nutritionist

This cream is the most appropriate one for those facing dry and dehydrated skin, especially in the cold season. It is enriched with hazelnut extract and despite being a deeply moisturizer it is absorbed very quickly.


Dove Intensive Cream

Dove Intensive Cream is great for winter use and protects against wind and cold weather. It is designed for women with dry skin and comes with an intense moisturizing feature.


Vichy Normaderm

Skin with imperfections like redness, excess sebum or pimples definitely needs a special care. This cream progressivelt cleans the skin by eliminating dead cells and limiting the bacteria proliferation. Specialists say after about four weeks the skin appearance is changed, imperfections are reabsorbed, pores are closed and it looks way smoother and homogeneous.


Instant Lift Aslavital

This cream is great for both women with skin marked by years passed away and for those who have a fatigued, dehydrated skin, with marks from too much exposure to sunlight. Instant Lift Aslavital Cream has an instant effect by smoothing wrinkles due to its Gatuline complex along with vitamin A, E and other organic plants beneficial for skin.

L’Oreal Revitalift Double Lifting

This is a product with fantastic results. Due to its dual complementary formula, Revitalift Double Lifting Face for face and neckline comes with spectacular results scientifically proven. The skin becomes smoother immediately after it is applied and after few weeks it becomes visible younger.


Roc Enydrial

Roc Enydrial cream is specifically designed to protect skin from climatic factors, but also works great against medical treatments effects. In addition, skin tests revealed this product is also effective in case of skin diseases such as allergy and others.


Eucerin Anti-Wrinkle Cream Q10

Anti-wrinkle cream for day use contains Q10 Coenzyme and has the power to reduce wrinkles’ depth after only 5 weeks of use. The product stimulates skin cells’ regeneration and it’s recommended for dry skin.


Avene Cold Cream

Avene Cold Cream is a product created for sensitive skin, dry and very dry skin. Due to its thermal water ingredient Avene Cold Cream is great as a soothing and nourishing product and immediately after aplication the changes are visible.


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