Homemade Avocado Face Mask: Recipe and Guide

Quick! Let’s discuss about the usage of an avocado face mask functioning more than just for exfoliating the skin.

Before we even got to the recipe, let us go first and tackle the skin and its composition.

Skin and composition

The skin is made up of basically 2 major layers: the outermost part is called the epidermis and the inner part, the dermis. This structure is cellularly composed of skin cells belonging to the classification of a stratified Squamous Epithelium. The hair roots lie within these two aforementioned structures with each one having to support the other. One thing that is important to note when talking about the structural component with regards to the avocado face mask recipe is that the epidermis are dead cells. They are keratinizations or dead cells that dry up and harden to add protection to the skin. The inner dermis functions to supply nutrients to the external layer and also contains the nerve supply and touch receptors in the skin.

Now that we know a little bit about the skin, let us now explore the avocado properties so that we may understand these things fully.

Avocado Properties

Avocado is a tropical fruit with a huge dicotylydon seed in the middle and an edible fruit beneath the shiny covering of the fruit. Its shape varies from a bit round to a bit oval while other varieties exhibit a slender tip with a rounded bottom. This particular fruit has many beneficial properties and shall be briefly mentioned here. A few of the contents include: oleic acid, potassium, folate and anti-oxidants.

Oleic Acid: known as the good fat, it controls or manages high cholesterol levels and instead, increases levels of good cholesterol.

Potassium: Potassium is generally found in oranges, bananas, and some apple varieties. This is directly responsible for the pumping action of the heart.

Folate: Newborns are tested and screened for abnormalities like those having down syndrome, cretinism, and etc. which are caused by decreased serum folate.

Anti-oxidants: prevents hydrogen peroxide’s damaging functions on the internal organs and adjacent tissues.

Avocado Facial Mask

You can usually generate your own avocado recipe for this if you just know the fundamentals like those given above. For my recommendation though, you may mix yogurt and honey plus two slices of cucumber to top it all off.

The steps for making this recipe is very simple that I still have room for explaining briefly each ingredient as it relates to being the best product for your skin.

The first step of course is to get you avocados. Please do make sure that your avocados are ripened appropriately. A good selection of this fruit will enable you to make full use of the minerals and vitamins mentioned.

Next mash the avocados very well so that all the natural juices and oils come out of the fruit and it will also facilitate easier mixing of ingredients.

Now, add the natural yogurt mixture in order to facilitate in eliminating persistent bacteria on the face. 15 cc of honey is also added in order to rejuvenate the skin by providing glucose sources necessary for growth and repair of each and individual cells in the body – especially the skin.

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