Skin Care Tips For Winters

Winters are in and its time to pull out our sweaters and woollens to protect ourselves from the chilling weather. But the beautiful cold weather also brings in some effects which are not so desirable for our skin. In winters most of us face problems like dry skin, white or patchy skin, dry and roughness of scalp and so on. The chilling cold weather can have drastic effects on our skin to the extent which we don’t even imagine. If not taken care of, the skin my dry, tear and cause lots more trouble. So to avoid these issues one must take care of themselves and follow some basic steps to have a gorgeous skin even in winters.

Some basic skin care tips for winters –

  • Moisturize your skin for winters. A good moisturizer is necessary to protect your skin during this cold weather. Apply all over your body except for the face.
  • For the face you may choose a good quality skin care cream. Choose winter creams based on your skin types as they will not only protect but also give you a glow.
  • Massage your head with coconut, almond and other essential oils to avoid dryness of the scalp.
  • Use lip balms with natural ingredients which will enhance your lip colour and make them soft.
  • For brittle nails apply olive oil or lotion containing lanolin to protect them. Put on gloves before bed time to aid absorption.
  • For winter dryness and roughness of the skin and scalp take adequate measures. Choose a good lotion, cream and conditioner for yourself according to the skin type.
  • In winters be protected from cracked heels and if you have them already then apply a good lotion or crack cream to avoid the condition to get worse.
  • Visit the doctor if all these conditions become aggressive.

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